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So I just saw an article on twitter written by this girl who I will not name because even though I think she is being ignorant and incredibly dim-witted I do not think she deserves to be bashed for it.

She wrote an article pretty much saying that everyone should root for Boston over Chicago for these reasons:

1. Because Chicago calls itself the windy city but isn’t.
2. They’re smaller than Toronto
3. The hot dogs and pizza Chicagoans make is weird.
4. The boston accent is cooler than chicagos.
5. The cubs and white sox suck.
6. Dave Bolland and Andrew Shaw are rats and boston only has one rat.
7. Chelsea Dagger is a stupid song.
8. Patrick Kane has a bad mullet and once hit a cab driver (which I’m not standing up for, that was stupid but it was also 3 years ago.)
9. The logo is stupid.
10. Bill Wirtz is stupid.
11. Blackhawks were once named the worst franchise in sports.

Now if any of these reasons had anything to do with hockey itself, the players as PLAYERS, or literally anything else I’d be cool. I like the Bruins, I love watching them play, and I love their team chemistry but I am a die hard Blackhawks fan. HOWEVER, I would never discourage anyone from rooting for the bruins because they have dumb accents.

Here’s what I have to say to all of those:

1. Did the Chicago blackhawks themselves come up with calling Chicago “The Windy City”? No? Okay then.
2. Yes they are, I’m glad you can read a map, your point?
3. I’m going to ask again, do the blackhawks themselves make the pizza served throughout Chicago? No? Welp.
4. Let me point out something very obvious here… NONE OF THE PLAYERS ARE ACTUALLY FROM THE CITY THEY PLAY FOR. This point is not only not valid it is irrelevant.
5. I’m from San Francisco and last time I checked my Giants beat the beat the Red Sox so you need to sit down.
6. Last time I checked Bolland, Shaw, and even Marchand did not have whiskers and a god damn tail. They are players. Not animals. Also she made a point that Bolland called the Sedins “sisters” I absolutely agree that that was disgusting and not okay and he never apologized as far as I know, but that is one guy with a very big opinion and that does not change the way the TEAM plays or speaks for the rest of TEAM.
7. Well you’re just so wrong about this one. Lol.
8. Patrick Kane does have a bad mullet but it’s working isn’t it? So that is irrelevant. Also I do not condone the cab driver thing but like I said that was 3 YEARS ago and he has apologized for that multiple times and matured a lot since then.
9. The logo is actually based on a badass indian chief named Blackhawk. So you can kindly shut your mouth.
10. I agree he was stupid but can I please direct you to what is now known as the "Madhouse" On Madison?
11. I will direct you here

In conclusion, root for whichever team your little heart desires, root for both if that’s how you roll! If you don’t like the Blackhawks, that’s fine! If you don’t like the Bruins, that’s fine too! In those cases, at least have a god damn reason for not liking them besides “their logo is dumb!”
Thank you for reading and if you made it all the way to the end bless you you beautiful people and to all the haters well…

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I know one captain the penguins aren’t gonna get.


Not for lack of trying though.


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Oops… my finger slipped in photoshop. 

Oops… my finger slipped in photoshop. 

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Jonathan Toews and Jarome Iginla at 2009 All Star game.

Jonathan Toews and Jarome Iginla at 2009 All Star game.

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I missed your many faces of derp.

I missed your many faces of derp.

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January 11, 2013 Player Skate

January 11, 2013 Player Skate

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Toews is probably just hanging out somewhere right now and looks down at his phone to see that Kaner just scored a goal… in his first game in Switzerland… in the first period…

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Excuse you…

Fucking run Tazer, Sid’s not happy. 

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Let’s just take a moment to look at their hands

They’re like the vicious body guards…


Let’s just take a moment to look at their hands

They’re like the vicious body guards…



Do you ever just wanna sit next to someone and listen to everything they could possibly say about anything ever just because you like their face and their voice and their general existence